La Demence

One of my favourite parties, and this is where I met my boyfriend! Clearly, it has a huge potential!

Happens once a month on a Friday at Fuse club. On big weekends (NYE, Valentine's) tickets sell out, so get yours in advance. Be prepared to wait 0.5-1 hour in line. It's already busy at midnight and the party lasts until 8am and beyond.

There are 3 dancefloors: one pictured (the biggest one), one smaller but also with big spacious steps all the way to the ceiling, on which people dance, and one very small which sometimes has strippers. The main dancefloor gets very crowded, so be prepared to rub against sweaty bodies and patiently squeeze through people to get to friends somewhere in the middle. If you want to get to the far end, it's best to walk on the far right along the wall. The music is mostly dance electronic on the big dancefloor, but it varies a little on the other floors.

Drinks are all served in glass bottles, but they do a good job picking up empty bottles from everywhere. There are 2 bathrooms, but both have long lines. Some people don't bother going to the smoking room and smoke on the dance floor - ocasionally you might get burnt.

It's a very "open-minded" place, most people are topless and in jeans or shorts (or very rarely even without anything). There are 2 darkrooms - one lighter (it's at the rear of the smallest dance floor), the other pitch black. People are rather friendly, it's easy to start a conversation.

To sum up, this is the place to experience what continental European clubbing is like - quite a hardcore public affair, where people from all over Europe (there are even busses arranged to come from Paris, Amsterdam and other cities) come together to party once a month. Keep an open mind, have fun and play safe!

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