Dinner at Fernsehturm

Definitely a good spot for a romantic dinner. The food is nice, the atmosphere is cosy and the views are breathtaking!

Firstly, book well in advance (1-2 weeks) - it gets sold out very quickly, especially over weekends. Try to book around 1 hour before sunset - that way you'll get to see Berlin at day, at night and you'll get to see a beautiful sunset (ask google). Make sure you pay the extra couple € and get a table by the window! Come 15 min before the booking time to get through security, it takes time even with priority access. You can also walk around the regular observation deck while waiting for your table, but the view is much better from the restaurant. Service takes about 2-2.5 hours, so leave plenty of time before your next engagement (e.g. a flight...). In case you are confused - the reservation fee is just for the reservation, it does not count towards your food bill. The food is a little expensive, but it's also nice, expect to pay €35-45 for a 3-4 course meal.

Overall it was a worthy experience: the food was great, we got to see Berlin from high above at sunset and it was a nice ending of a fun weekend!

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