Gay Catamaran

One of the rather unusual gay activities, but perfectly reasonable for Hawaii! The idea is that you get on a boat with ~40 other gay people and go for a ride on the waves from the Westin hotel in Honolulu to Diamond Head and back. On the way you also stop for a dip in the ocean, far away from crowded beaches.

The crowd was a bit older, but nevertheless very good fun! Most people were visiting, so everyone's friendly and chatty. To loosen up, the first drink is included, and the rest is reasonably priced. Expect to get wet, the waves will splash you. You can roam around the boat, even stand on one of the hull and immerse yourself in the wind and waves hitting your face.

It's run by the Hulas bar and you can get your tickets here. Amazingly, it runs every Saturday for $20. Highly recommended, it's great fun!

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