Hulas Bar

Pretty much the only lively gay place in Honolulu. Maybe we came at a bad time of the year, but none of the other advertised places had any people in. Discreetly located just around the corner from the beach and the shopping area, it's easy to get to.

It gets busy around midnight and the crowd is mostly gay men. Earlier in the evening they have the wall of windows open, so you can still feel the breeze from the ocean; it feels very chilled and easy going. Later at night they close the windows (probably because of noise) so it becomes more like a night club with a dancefloor and dancers. The staff is friendly, even flirty, and the cocktails are great! The cladly dressed dancers are both, male and female. It appeared to us that the male dancers had some cushion in their underwear as they all seemed to have the same shape and size... Would certainly recommend for a relaxing gay night out!

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