Manoa Falls hike

If you are looking to explore the wild side of Honolulu without the hassle of arranging yourself and others for a far-away trip, this hike is perfect for you! You will pass by a very popular fall, but then you'll get to explore the bamboo forest, hike up to the top of a mountain with a beautiful venture spot, and on the way back you'll walk across a natural reserve which lots of typical Hawaiian plants.

Both, the start and end of the hike can be easilly accessed by Uber. The paths are obvious to follow, but it can get muddy if it rained recently. Towards the end of the hike it is easy to get lost (purposefully or not), but if you walk in the right direction, you will end up at some road where an Uber can pick you up.

Below you'll find some pics to get you tempted, and the path to follow. Take water with you!

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