Pink Christmas Market

Christmas markets are a tradition with deep roots in Germany. Larger cities are scattered with multiple themed Christmas markets across the city, and LGBTQ is frequently one of themes. Come prepared for lots of squeezing, pushing and waiting, but maybe also bumping into some new people and making friends along the way. The pink Christmas market has a stage with drag shows and other performances, a few tents with organic produce (soaps, socks, etc) and large food and drink tents.

The traditional Glűhwein (mulled wine) is a must. If you're hungry, try it with Flammkuchen (flatbread with sour cream, lardons and onions) or Reiberdatschi (potato pancakes with apple jam if you like it sweet, or sour cream with herbs if you like it otherwise). You'll be surprised to get drinks served in cute mugs, but they don't come for free - there's a 2-4€ deposit. 

Christmas markets normally start the last week of November and last until the first week of January.
The Pink market closes at 22:00 while others can close as early as 21:00.

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