G-A-Y Heaven

Pronounced as individual letters g, a, y, rather than the word "gay", it's probably Europe's biggest regular gay club. There is a party every night of the week, apart from Sundays. It has 4 dancefloors with different music: 2 large and 2 smaller ones. Mostly attended by the younger crowd and their straight/bi friends. Music varies, but is mostly cheesy, pop, 80s/90s. The other dancefloors cater to other tastes and may have karaoke or separate shows on.

To get free or cheaper entry, pick up your wristband from the G-A-Y bar on Old Compton street. It busiest from after midnight till about 3am. Be prepared to wait in line for up to 30 min on busy nights, unless you have a membership card. Those can only be obtained on Sunday nights from G-A-Y Late after 11pm, don't forget your ID!

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