Balijoe is one of the two most popular gay bars in Bali. It is a little small, but as a result feels busy all the time. The staff is very friendly and fun, and the service is very personal, so don't be put off by the aggressive and intimidating promoters on the street trying to get you come inside. The crowd is mostly Asian guys: some locals, some visitors and you'll get the occasional white tourist. Even a Monday night can be a lot of fun, and we made a couple of friends here. They have a big cocktail menu, ranging between 80k-100k. Don't be afraid to order from the waiters roaming the venue - they don't charge any extra and deliver drinks rapidly. Feel free to open a tab if you plan to order more drinks - we left our card with them multiple times before and it felt safe in their hands. We normally come here for the first few drinks and then move next door. Throughout the night there are 1-3 drag performers every 15min - but don't get too drunk or they will drag you onstage and abuse you in front of everyone, like those two in the picture!

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