As much as I try to despise Circa for the awful attitude of their bouncers when it gets busier, I admit I really like this place. The issue with the bouncers is that they start forming a queue, but frequently there are those more "privileged" people who just walk in. A short queue of 10-15 people has taken us up to 30 min wait before. Nowadays if I see a queue outside circa I normally tend to skip this place, but it is safe to come around 9-10pm.

Aside from the line, the bar has a really nice vibe inside. It is mostly men, the young professionals, it feels a little posh even, some people have called it "tacky". It is known to attract people who occasionally might enjoy bragging about their acting or banking career. However, it's all courtship and play, and if you know how to tease the real human out of them, it can become a fun place to make new friends. Don't be fooled by the photo - there are floor to ceiling mirrors at the rear that make it look much bigger than it really is.

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