Dinner at the SkyGarden

This is an amazing venue to wrap up a nice weekend in London. It's located the the "walkie-talkie" building midway to Canary Wharf from the city centre. There are multiple venues to choose from for your visit, and we went for the Darwin brasserie which offered amazing views. If you want to save money, you can book a free visit to the gardens, however those run out very fast, so book well in advance. There were a limited number of restaurant reservations available 5 days before.

The meal itself was ~£45 per person and it includes 3 courses + free drink. The portions are quite small but well made, so don't come too hungry but expect a more refined cuisine. If you are still feeling hungry, you can pig out at the unlimited dessert buffet.

If you'd like to see London both, at day and at night, book a table for about 1 hour before sunset. Arrive 20 minutes before your booking time and you will have enough time to take pictures in the outside terrace or to wander around the gardens. After the meal you can once again walk around the garden for more night-time pictures. Would highly recommend if you can get a reservation!

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