Sky Garden

While Bali has a nice strip of gay bars on offer, there isn't a clubby gay venue. As a result of this, and because some new friends asked us out, we decided to check out the most popular dance club in Kuta.

I haven't been to a straight club in years, so I was very skeptical, but it ended up being a whole lot of fun! The venue has 3 floors with different rooms and music in each. The main floor is dedicated to house music and was really busy - the dance floor is in the middle, surrounded by tables and benches on all sides. There is a small elevated dance floor at the front too, where only white tourists dance, it seems. Upstairs we found a private area that has a stricter dress code - no flip flops, no tank tops, and it seems to cater to those looking for paid fun... Finally, on the rooftop there is an outside dance floor with more poppy music. It was also very busy, but the outside heat made it a little unpleasant to dance in.

The crowd was very mixed - from barely legal young western boys to older Indian men, with lots of girls in between, all shacking to the same tunes. The entry fee of 150k is a little steep, but you get a free drink - and those are strong! Cocktails and mixed spirits are also above 150k, unless you drink beer. The traffic leading to the club from Seminyak (assuming head over from the gay bars) is impossible to get through, so don't be lazy to get out and walk a bit.

Overall, despite being non-gay, it is a great dance venue, it felt friendly and you could spot a couple other gay guys at the club. Well worth checking out!

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