Spa treatment

Bali has a rich selection of Spa and massage services, and a lot of friends have praised the quality and relatively low prices. As a result we decided to check out one of their male-only Spa salons called M2 Spa.

We signed up to their couple's "signature treatment" lasting 2.5 hours. We received a foot massage, whole body massage, a body scrub, followed by rubbing yoghurt onto us. Then we were left for some private time in a green tea bath and finally served some ginger tea before leaving. The whole experience was very relaxing, strictly professional and extremely pleasant. Even the day after we could still feel the effects - the back and legs were pleasantly sore and the skin was actually smoother than normal. The staff acted in a professional manner when working around the intimate parts, so no need to worry about giggles or undesirable "happy endings". The rooms were clean and smelt nice, with some relaxing music in the background. The room and treatment was designed for couples, as there is enough space for 2 massage tables, and there are a couple times when we were left in private to chat and share the experiences. Tipping is gently encouraged through their "spa-etiquette" sheet, but we did not feel forced to tip at any point. The price is a fair bit larger than other places - 1.2M (~£70) for 2 people, but it's absolutely worth it.

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