WE @ Coronet

The WE parties have originally started in Madrid, but ever since they have become quite an international party brand. WE has just celebrated their 6th year in London and it offers a fairly unique take on circuit parties. Compared to "La Demence" or "Revolver" @ Kitkat it is a lot more vanilla:
  • about a third to half of the people wear tops, the rest are in jeans and very few in shorts
  • there is very little play, if any at all, happening on the floor, and there are no dark rooms
  • the music is a lot less techno and more house music with long poppy intros

The party starts at 11pm and after midnight the line can become slow - from ~12:15 there can be up to 1 hour wait. If you hate waiting in lines, there is a VIP queue-jump ticket, or you can risk buying a ticket at the door, which has a separate and sometimes shorter line. The dance floor is packed between 2 and 5, after which some people tend to go to "Beyond" in Vauxhall.

Overall I would say this is a good party to go to if you are looking for a gentle introduction into the circuit party scene and to test the waters. Unfortunately, I would say Londoners are a lot less chatty, appear shy and tend to stick in their own groups of friends - so you'll need patience if you are trying to make friends.

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