WooBar @ W hotel

While I normally wouldn't write about a hotel's bar, this one requires and exception. It's the bar within the W hotel, outdoors right by the pool. Unfortunately, you won't be allowed to the pool which is for guests only. Located right on the beach, it serves as a hip area with cool music, amazing views and a refreshing breeze. Cocktails were a little expensive at 150k, but the "2 for 1" happy hour between 16:00-18:00 makes it well worth it! They also serve free snacks, like vegetable crisps or cheesy flatbreads. It's mentioned in multiple blogs that the beach outside the W is a bit of a gay beach, and there were a number of guys on grindr staying at the hotel. We didn't withness it ourselves, but I can see the potential for it to get cruisy on a sunny day or later in the evening.

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