This is Sydney's biggest regular gay club. Located at the top of Oxford street, it's a convenient short walk from the gay bars. Lines can form from 1am, when everyone is rushing to get in before the lockout time of 1:30am.

There are 2 dance floors: the basement floor plays mostly pop music, while the larger floor has mostly poppy house music. There is also an upper balcony overlooking the main dance floor, which is where the photo was taken from. It's a nice place to escape to if you get tired of dancing and pushing through people.

The crowd is very mixed and having been to Arq multiple times I must admit we didn't like it. Firstly, the gays will bring all their girlfriends, those attract a lot of unpleasant straight guys who wait until the girls get drunk and then try hitting on them - that's the right-side corner crowd if you are facing the stage. On the left side of the stage there are a lot of Asian boys and girls, the latter probably out the first time in their life and they can get really annoying too. Finally, somewhere in the middle and scattered elsewhere you'll find the gay boys, but they are all either high or in their circle of friends and give off a very arrogant unfriendly vibe.

If you want to go to a big busy gay place - it's the place to be! But as much as I like big venues, I honestly think I prefer the smaller Stonewall upper floors where the crowd is not as full of straight guys and the people are generally more friendly.

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