Beresford Hotel

Beresford is a regular Sunday afternoon gay party that is insanely popular. The venue is just a short walk from Oxford street and it gets busy from 5pm. There is a happy hour 6-8pm which offer various discounted drinks and this is also the peak time of the party. It really feels like a big BBQ garden party in somebody's backgarden (only there is no free BBQ anymore - but you can order food!). If the weather isn't great, you can always hide in the spacious inside area. The crowd is mostly gay men of all ages and the mood is fairly friendly. Everyone just comes out to catch up with some old friends they haven't seen for a while, get introduced to new friends and catch up on the latest gossip. There is quite some eyeing up and cruising going on, so don't be surprised if you get winked at or someone just says hi. After 9pm the more clubby upstairs area opens if you want to party until later.

If you are in Sydney on a Sunday afternoon, I'd say going to Beresford is a must! Don't rush too early though - you can always spend the morning and afternoon on the beach before heading over.

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