Bundeena hike

This day trip at the Royal National Park is a great way to explore the coastline of Sydney. 3 years ago I did the full hike from Bundeena to Otford, but you can experience most of the beauty by opting for a shorter walk to the "Wedding cake" cliff formation.

Firstly, remember it will take you about 2 hours to get to the start of the hike from Sydney city centre. While the trains run every 20 min to Cronulla, the ferry to Bundeena runs only once an hour. The ferry trip itself is very pleasant, taking you through a quiet harbour full of very posh houses.

When you arrive in Bundeena, you have 2 options: either go all the way long the coast to see the Aboroginal carvings first (~1.5 hour), or walk across the city straight to the cliffs. The two paths eventually meet, you can see the crossing point in the map below, so it's just whether you want to see the carvings (and spiders) or not.

We did the aboroginal carvings walk first and came out of it with very mixed feelings. To get to the carvings you'll have to walk across a fairly long beach, so be prepared for sand. Secondly, the carvings themselves seemed a little underwhelming - but maybe that's just our lack of specific interest in the area. Thirdly, be prepared for a really scary walk across bushes full of big fat spiders, then giant ants, then a lot more sand and spiders. You should have seen us squeel... Now we can laugh at it, but seriously, if you are scared of spiders - don't go anywhere near this part of the track.

The second half of the track (~2 hours), or the cliff walk, that you can come to either via the aboriginal carvings peninsula loop, or just go to straight across the city, is very well paved and feels a little too artificial. The views are pretty astonishing though and it's definitely worth the trip, at least for a couple nice selfies. It is nice to just take the time and sit on a cliff and ruminate while looking at the waves - it's not busy with tourists, so you'll have plenty of solitary space. We would recommend walking to the Wedding cake formation, which might seem far, but it's all very well paved and makes for a really beautiful and easy walk, without any spiders or sand on the way.

On the way back you can choose to either walk across the forest, or just head back the same way. We took the inland route and I think it was just as fast as it would have been along the coast, minus the pretty views. So don't worry too much about walking back the same way and just enjoy a different angle to the same cliffs.

Finally, remember that the Australian sun is very hot. We went on a very cloudy day, got showered a couple times and we still got badly burnt - so always, whether sunny or cloudy, use sun protection! And don't forget to drink plenty of water - if you forgot to bring some, there is a shop just up the street from the ferry port. Enjoy the walk!

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