Daywash parties are organized only on bigger occasions or longer holiday weekends - so if you plan to be in Sydney at a festive time, look them up! We went to the New Year's day party at the venue called "Chinese Laundry".

The venue had 3 floors: ground floor was very dark and it was the most house music, the middle floor was mixed house/pop music and most people were here, either indoors or in the terrace, and the top floor was pop/90s music.Despite the clouds and even occasional rain, the outside area was always full of people. It's the Australian summer, so it was actually nice to get some rain on you to cool you down!

The whole venue was buzzing with people, and there were a lot of very good looking guys! Half the people were topless, the rest in a t-shirt or tank top, all in shorts; I haven't seen any harnesses either. There were very few girls, not many twinks, and was mostly dominated by white mascular guys. The atmosphere seemed friendly and there were a couple times strangers randomly started talking to us, but on average I think it is harder to initiate a conversation than in Europe. It felt like there was a fair bit of attitude going around. Despite their nice looks, people seem either lacking confidence, or having too much of it - some people just stick in their own groups or just prefer to hang out by themselves.

The drinks were resonably priced at ~$10 per mixer (G&T or vodka+diet). What was most surprising was the number of people on other things than alcohol - for a day party that seemed a bit unusual. Nobody was too weird or caused trouble though, just funny to watch people all hyper or spaced out. Those who were having a longer episode were on the ground floor on the darkest dance floor.

It's definitely a nice place to hang out, and it felt like a lot of people who don't go out much, would come to this party to catch up with the scene. Book early as ticket prices go up and sell out quickly!

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