Kiki at Ivy Pool

This is exactly the kind of party I would expect from Sydney! In the very heart of the city, surrounded by skyscrapers, you will find yourself at a rooftop pool in a nice company and some good music. The venue "Ivy Complex" is located down a narrow lane off the George street, so don't be confused by the shops and keep looking.

Ivy Pool is located at the top floor, and there's a large outdoors area along with a slightly smaller space indoors. Downstairs there are also plenty of changing rooms, and towels were provided free of charge. Bring your flipflops unless you don't care about walking barefoot (but shoes are also allowed and likely to get wet).

The party was just barely starting when we arrived at 3pm, and the peak was probably between 5pm and 8pm. The crowd was very similar to the Daywash party; in fact most people went to the latter too. The pool wasn't big, but there weren't that many people who wanted to get wet despite the hot weather - I might have missed the memo that swimming in a pool party is not cool, but I had lots of fun!

The music was mostly loungy/clubby, but nothing too heavy - very suitable for the occasion. Midway there was a performance, which was really not needed. Drinks were a little expensive at $18-20, but the cocktails menu was well worth it. People consuming other things than alcohol were much better disguised than at Daywash and there were no spaced out people. Again, people weren't super easy to become friends with, but it is possible to chat and meet new people, so go give it a try!

So far this has been our favourite party in Sydney - really worth it if you get the chance, because they don't happen regularly!

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