Stonewall is a cute and cozy bar during the week that can turn into a wild multi-floor night out on weekends. Weekdays it hosts various themed nights, e.g. a "messaging" night on Wednesdays. The bar got busy from 9pm and there were guys of all ages, even one or two lesbian couples! Drinks are reasonably priced, $15 for a white wine and G&T, and if you find the main bar lacking in its offerings, there is a "Diva" wine bar connected to Stonewall and a more clubby area on the 2 upper floors. Music in the main area is mainstream, but it is a little more clubby upstears when it opens after 10pm, despite being emptier on weekdays. This is definitely one of the most iconic gay places in Sydney to visit, and it is worth it, whether a weekday or a weekend!

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