Oslo City walk

The city itself isn't very big, but it does have some hidden gems. It is nice to get lost in the streets and see where you end up, but if you are looking for more specific ideas, we made a short list of fun things to do. We did everything below in 2 days, but it can be easily done in 1 day if you start at 9am. And remember, we are not huge fans of museums, so you won't see any here, but instead you can refer to an external list.

  1. Oslo Opera house. A pretty cool, modern looking building, and you don't even need to go in to experience it - just walk around the sides all the way to the rooftop for some stunning views.
  2. Akershus Fortress. Basically a castle-looking complex with little inner yards. The views from the wall are nice, and you also get to see some uniformed guards. It was free to explore on the outside, but there are paid trips inside.
  3. Oslo Cathedral is right in the middle of the city, surrounded shopping streets. Just by walking to and away from it, you'll see a lot of the busy city centre streets.
  4. Norwegian Parliament is at the other end of the busy shopping district. Right in front of it there is a busy square that turns into a skating rink in winter.
  5. Keep walking up to the Royal Palace that is surrounded by some nice parks for a casual stroll.
  6. The really cool park not to miss is the Vigeland Park - it's full of nude human statues in different positions and activities, sometimes appearing intimately gay... The centre of it is a column made of 121 intertwined human statue. Great views from the top, but also very cool statues portraying some strong emotions.
  7. Ski Jump Track is also a noteworthy sight, but be prepared to travel around 1 hour one-way. The place closes at 4pm, so plan accordingly. For £12 you'll get to go up to the top of the track where the skis launch and the overview platform has some breathtaking views of Oslo. When you get back, there's a museum waiting for you to learn more about the traditions of skiing.
  8. Finally, after a busy day, explore the area North of Kathe Lasniks plass and settle for a Restaurant. While I'm a bit indifferent about Indian food, we ended up having an amazing meal at the New Anarkali Inidian restaurant. If you'd like something more European, the Trancher EntrecĂ´te is perfect for a nice steak.
  9. Walk off your meal along the Akerselva river back to the city centre, it has a quiet but beautifully lit up path.

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