Oslo Summary

Oslo is a cute little city up in the fresh air of the Nordics. It somewhat resembles Geneva - compact and very expensive. 1 full day can be enough to see most of the city, so if you are planning a longer visit, make sure to check out stuff to do out in the fjords or up in the mountains. In case you are city-bound, you might enjoy a bike tour or boat tour of the fjords, which unfortunately we didn't have the time to do.

To get around the city I highly recommend their public transport app RuterBillet - the easiest way to buy a single or period pass for longer stays. Works even for trips from/to the Airport, just purchase a 4 zone ticket for 93NOK. Although I found Oslo small enough to just walk to most places! Also, credit cards are accepted everywhere in Oslo - over my 2 week stay I didn't use cash once.

The clubbing culture is a little peculiar here. The parties don't start until midnight, or even later, but they end at 3am. This gives you a very narrow window to dance and meet new people. The rest of the party happens before and after in private house parties. Alcohol is expensive in the bars, drinks cost well over £10. People are also quite flakey, so don't overly depend on people's promises.

We stayed at the Radisson Blu Plaza which has decent rooms and surprisingly ok prices for Norway, and if you manage to get one of the upper floors, you'll be presented with some stunning views of the city, like in the picture! Norway isn't particularly known for its traditional food, but if you want to try some, we were advised to book Vaaghals.

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