This is the gay party to be at on a Friday night in Rome. It's hosted at one of Rome's bigger night clubs, Qube, that has 4 floors and an outside area. The ground and 1st floors are playing more mainstream music while on the top floors you'll find a large dance floor for house and electronic dance music. The crowd is very mixed, but it's mostly younger guys and girls. Confusingly, there are a lot of straight people so be careful not to fall for the unachievable...

There is also a fairly big men-only dark room on the 1st floor with some porn playing on the big screen. The same straight boys sometimes come here for a quick look or even a bj while their girlfriends wait outside. Come around midnight, or else be prepared to wait in line for up to an hour, while they fast-track all the numerous VIPs, invitation lists, etc. Whatever you consume on the night, beware there is a lot of undercover security in the crowd.

The same venue also hosted the WE party one Friday night, here's some footage of that too to give you an idea of the crowd and size:

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