Dinner at CN Tower

For us it has become a tradition to visit the high-rise dining spots, and the CN tower in Toronto is an absolute must! If you only want to go up the tower, you'll end up paying almost the same (~$35 lift + $15 Skypod) as for the dinner itself (starting at $40), because your dinner reservation includes a free entry to the platform after your meal.

The food is certainly well crafted and doesn't break the bank: Prix Fixe menus are $65 for 2 course or $79 for a three course meal and there are plenty of options to choose from. But of course, the most important are the views.

It's not normally fully booked unless it's a weekend, so plan a week in advance for a Sat/Sun night. Aim to get a table about 1 hour before sunset, so you get to see the city at day time and also night time. It takes exactly 1 hour to make a full circle. When booking over the phone they don't allow you to reserve a window seat, so come approx 20-30 min before your reservation time so you have enough time for security. When you get to the Restaurant level, ask the host for a window seat and mention that you'll be happy to wait if needed - that should get you a table with a nice view, and it's definitely worth the wait! We saw a lot of people get off their tables and cram between the window tables just to see the views.

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