Toronto Gay bars and clubs

Toronto, while a big city, has rather few small gay bars and clubs all concentrated in the gay village. The latter is on Church Street between Maitland and Alexander St. Here I'm offering my opinion about what's good and fun, but please send me suggestions if I missed something!

  • The first stop on any gay night out in Toronto should always be Woody's! It's a pretty big bar with multiple bars inside and very cheap drinks. The crowd is mixed, because simply everyone goes there for a cheap drink before the night begins. On Friday nights they host the legendary best ass competition. Anyone can sign up early in the night and then they get to present themselves and wiggle their bums on stage. Make sure you don't take any pictures, as the security will quickly locate you and go through all your pictures to make sure you delete everything.

  • If it's Friday, you should check out Crews & Tangos which is just across the street from Woody's. They have a cover, but sometimes, if you go in before midnight, you pay less, get a stamp and you can come later. It has two floors with different music, both quite mainstream. 

  • On a Saturday, if you like pop music, Buddies is a must! On a regular day it is a theatre with great performances, but every Saturday night it turns into a big queer party. The place almost never feels empty, because they can open up additional sections of the theatre to expand during the night as needed. The crowd is mostly young. There is a cover fee.
  • If you prefer electronic dance music, though, Fly should be your choice of club on a Saturday night. They have a large dance floor surrounded by balconies on the upper floor, along with some additional spaces to chat in a more quiet environment. The men's bathroom hides a small pitch black darkroom that gets very busy - I can see some people getting a panic attack inside as it can feel very claustrophobic at times. There is a cover fee.

  • Finally, when you start feeling the night is fizzling out, whether it's a Friday or Saturday, you could check out Bunker. It's located in the basement of Fly, is very dark and plays deep techno music. No darkrooms, and most people seem in a slightly alternative dimension, but some play can happen in dark corners or the bathrooms. Even the bunker fizzles out around 6am, with peak time between 2-4 am.
Neither a club, nor a bar, but if you like the outdoors, a thrilling experience might be wandering the dark shadows of Queens Park on a Friday or Saturday night, just when the clubs are closing (2-3am). At first glance it might seem like the park is empty and there is nothing happening, but if you find a tree and just wait in the shadow until your eyes get used to the dark, you'll notice a some action happening around a few trees - that's the time to become an explorer!

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