Hell's Kitchen bar crawl

Manhattan alone, not to mentioned Brooklyn, etc, has not just one, but multiple gayborhoods to explore, all different in the kinds of crowds they attract:
  • West Village - the historic gay neighborhood, attracts slightly elder clientele
  • East Village - more "alternative", hipster, younger student crowd
  • Hell's Kitchen - a mix of everything, but mostly young to middle aged professionals
My favourite and most convenient has always been the Hell's kitchen area. If you choose to spend your night here, plan to start around 9 - 10 pm, depending on how many places you want to see. Feel free to mix up the sequence of the locations, although I will point out particular times when you should aim to be there. All venues are free entrance!

  1.  If it's a warm summer evening, you could certainly start with a lazy drink at the Boxers bar on 9th Ave and 50th St. They have a spacious rooftop terrace, and while it's only one floor up, it's nice to watch the street from above and feel a gentle evening breeze away from the rush.
  2. Rise is a bar I only discovered recently but it's probably one of the most regular bars. The crowd is nice, the drinks are reasonable but at the same time there is nothing too "special" about it. I would normally come here first if Boxers is too busy or the rooftop is closed.
  3. You must visit Flaming Saddles. It's definitely one of the most iconic gay bars I've been to! It's a real country music bar and the same cowboys who serve you drinks regularly perform on the bar itself - it's quite a view! Aim to arrive around 10:30pm, cash only!
  4. Barrage is a cozy little bar that has a happy hour between 11pm and midnight - all drinks are $2 off. They have a nice cocktails menu, but beware - they are really strong! The crowd here is usually quite friendly.
  5. Go to Therapy straight after Barrage, aim for midnight or just after. It's a club across two floors - the ground floor is more of a bar and the upper level has a very busy dance floor. It is very popular with the Asian crowd and they have some nice dance and electronic music sometimes.
  6. Industry is where I recommend to end your night. Come around 1am and it will be packed! They play lots of pop music and it is very popular with the younger crowd, students and lots of girls. Beware, the line for the toilet can get ridiculous and the dance floor is normally so busy it's impossible to dance. Cash only as well!

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