Day hike on hills outside Berlin

If you eventually get tired of Berlin and feel like getting out to reconnect with Nature, this hike could be perfect for you! It is possible to do the hike entirely in a single day, but that means catching the first and the last train from/to Berlin. The hike itself is quite easy, picturesque and has lots of nature and nice photo spots along the way. I wouldn't call these mountains, but there are some very hilly stretches along this route. 

Aim for the earliest train to arrive in Stadt Wehlen, from where you'll begin your hike. To start, follow the Malerweg route 2 to Hohnstein. You'll see a beautiful bridge (see picture) and a lot of wild forest. Don't worry too much about the huge number of tourists - the number of people will quickly drop after you've passed the places easy to get to by car. Most of the hike is through a forest:

Along the way you'll find a surprisingly large number beer gardens, so we were thinking that maybe there isn't even much of a need to pack any food with you - you can always stop at one of these places for a full lunch! You should reach Hohnstein village, the end of Malerweg route 2, after approx 3.5 hours of hiking (excluding any stops) - it's also a nice place to stop for views and get lunch if you haven't done so already:

From there you will be starting Malerweg route 3. Once again, most of the hike is through a forest, there are a few nice beer gardens along the way. There are 2 options where you can end your hike, depending on energy levels:
  • aim to stop at Porschdorf trian station. You should reach it in approx 2.5 hours of hiking from Hohnstein. See the full GPX route from Stadt Wehlen to Porschdorf.
  • If you still have a bit of energy left, you could visit another venture point high up on the hill and then head down to Goßdorf-Kohlmühle. See the GPX route from Hohnstein to this station.
To find more information about this area and the available routes see here. We did route 2 and 3 on two separate days, staying in Hohnstein overnight, but everyone agreed it was too easy and we could have done the entire thing in a day. It wasn't too hard, although there were a few times we were sweating going up and down the steep hills. The nature and views were truly magnificent, though, and totally worth the effort. I would highly recommend it - we will be going again to try the other routes (there are 8 in total!)

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